I can offer the following services for your film, radio, tv or game project. All of these services I have provided to multiple clients over the years. For further information please use the contact form on the main page or give me a call.

Radio & podcasts

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Live Podcast Recording.

Revolutionize your podcasting with our Live Recording service. Capture real-time energy, engage your audience, and boost SEO effortlessly. I provide studio-quality recordings, with full audience capture, seamless integration with popular streaming platforms, and optimised metadata for maximum discoverability. Elevate your podcasting game and attract a global audience with our cutting-edge Live Podcast Recording service.

Full Service Radio Documentary and Podcast production.

Uncover captivating stories with our Radio and Podcast Documentary Production. We bring narratives to life, blending powerful storytelling, immersive soundscapes, and expert production. Elevate your content with compelling documentaries that resonate across radio and podcasts. Explore the art of storytelling with our tailored, impactful production services.

Dolby Atmos Mixing

Step into the future of audio with our Dolby Atmos Mixing service. Elevate your sound to three-dimensional heights, enveloping audiences in a sphere of immersive brilliance. Our expert mixers ensure every sonic detail resonates, crafting an unparalleled auditory experience that surpasses traditional boundaries. Explore the world in 3D with the Dolby Atmos experience.

Two-way Interview Tape Sync Recording.

Unlock the power of remote interviews with our studio quality Tape Sync Recording service. Seamlessly capture interviews anywhere in the world, ensuring top-notch audio quality. Elevate your show with hassle-free, professional recordings that transcend geographical constraints.

Radio Commercial Production.

Ignite your brand with our Radio Commercial Production service. From concept to creation, we craft compelling, memorable ads tailored to your unique voice. Elevate your message with professional production, engaging scripts, and captivating sound design. Let your brand resonate on airwaves with our expertise in crafting standout radio commercials.


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Game Dialogue Recording and Editing

Create immersive gaming experiences with our Multi-lingual Dialogue Recording and Editing. We specialise in crafting authentic dialogue, in multiple languages, ensuring seamless integration for global gaming adventures. Elevate your game’s narrative with our expert recording and editing services, enhancing player engagement across diverse linguistic landscapes.

Game Sound Design

Transform your gaming world with our unparalleled Sound Design service. We craft sonic landscapes that elevate player experiences, from immersive environments to dynamic effects. Elevate your game’s auditory dimension, creating a captivating sonic journey that enhances gameplay.

Film & television

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Stereo & 5.1 / 7.1 and Dolby Atmos re-recording (mixing)

Ignite cinematic brilliance with our Mixing for Film and TV service. Elevate your audio to new heights, balancing dialogue, music, and effects seamlessly. Our expert mixers bring stories to life, creating a sonic tapestry that enhances emotional impact. Transform your production into an immersive masterpiece with our unparalleled mixing expertise.

Sound design

Embark on a sonic journey with our Film and TV Sound Design service. We sculpt immersive soundscapes shaping emotions and narratives. Elevate your storytelling with expertly crafted sound design, transforming your production into an auditory masterpiece with our dynamic and creative expertise.

Dialogue recording and editing

Dialogue editing is a crucial stage in post-production for film, TV, and audio projects. It involves the careful selection, arrangement, and enhancement of recorded dialogue to ensure clarity, coherence, and a natural flow. We eliminate background noise, correct imperfections, and adjust pacing, creating a seamless and polished audio track. This process contributes significantly to the overall quality and effectiveness of the final production by optimizing the intelligibility and emotional impact of spoken words.

ADR recording and editing

Elevate your project with our ADR Recording Service, where precision meets perfection. Our studio offers a seamless process for actors to re-record dialogue, ensuring optimal audio quality and addressing any on-set imperfections. Whether enhancing performances or accommodating script changes, our ADR expertise guarantees a polished and professional final production.

Foreign language dubbing

Immerse your content in global appeal with our Foreign Language Dubbing Service. We seamlessly replace original language audio, ensuring synchronized translations that captivate diverse audiences. Elevate your reach, engage international viewers, and deliver a seamless, culturally resonant experience. Let our expert dubbing enhance your content’s accessibility and impact across borders.

Multi-lingual Voice character casting and directing

Transform your project with our Voice Character Casting Service. We meticulously match skilled voice actors to your characters, ensuring a perfect blend of tone, style, and personality. Elevate your narrative with authentic, captivating performances that bring your characters to life. Let us tailor the voices to seamlessly embody the essence of your story.

Dialogue, continuity and subtitle scripts

Elevate your production with our Script Services package, encompassing Dialogue, Continuity, and Subtitle scripts. We provide script services for all your deliverable needs across the world.

Subtitle / Closed Captions for film and television

Empower your content with our Closed Captioning Service. We meticulously craft accurate and comprehensive captions that go beyond spoken dialogue, capturing every audio nuance for the deaf or hard of hearing. Enhance accessibility, comply with regulations, and broaden your audience reach with our professional closed captioning solutions. Transform your content into an inclusive experience.