Work Examples

 Here are just a few samples of my audio recording, sound design and post production work.


2021 Sound Design Reel

Ebay – Big Daddy’s – Social Media Promos x 3
Sound Design, Music Edit & Mix

KQED – Vault Lights – Bay Curious
Sound Design, Edit & Mix

Bay Curious

Analog Imaging Software Promo
Voice record, edit, mix & Sound Design

Voice Reel for Michael Sabbaton
Record, Mix, Edit and Sound Design

ADR & Sound Design Demo
From ‘The New Daughter’, ‘Spiritied’ and ‘The B Project’

Salamandre – Legrand Trunking – Brace Media
Sound design & Mix

Radio Commercial Reel – Various
Sound Design, Copywriting, Mix, Edit & Distribution

Last Bus – Marco Crivello
Television Documentary Mix

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